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Front Control Arm Bushings

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FLCAB-757551 MMS Autosport Front Lower Control Arm Bushings

We are very excited to introduce our new front lower control arm bushings! They are designed to eliminate the deflection in your MINI’s factory front control arm bushing to keep your suspensions geometry in check under all conditions. This makes your MINI more predictable and consistent due to better turn in and feedback from your suspension resulting in drastically improved handling capabilities.

The OEM MINI bushing is designed with comfort in mind so they used a soft rubber to absorb noise, road vibration and Harshness (known as NVH).  This resulted in a huge amount of compliance/deflection in the front suspension, causing the alignment to become extremely inconsistent under heavy braking and hard cornering.

Our bushings are made of UHMW, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. This material is incredibly rigid and abrasion resistant making it the perfect material for this type of bushing.  UHMW is remarkably slick and is self lubricating, requiring no additional lubrication EVER! At a 68D durometer it absorbs more NVH than our competitors bushings while still maintaining its shape under the most extreme conditions.  Our bushings are machined from a solid piece of UHMW so it will not come apart like other companies poly bushings.


  • -Self lubricating
  • -No stiction or binding
  • -Extremely long lasting
  • -Unparalleled performance

Application List:

  • 2002 - 2013 MINI Cooper hatchback, convertible and clubman