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MMS Single Mass Conversion Clutch and Flywheel Kit (Gen 2)

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SMCK-607915 MMS Single Mass Conversion Clutch and Flywheel Kit


MMS Autosport is proud to introduce our traditional (single mass) flywheel conversion kit for your 6 speed transmission. One of the biggest draw backs of the Cooper S is the dual mass flywheel that comes installed from the factory. While the dual mass flywheel offers an easy to drive, smooth engagement and comfortable feel, it has an inconsistent clutch engagement and leaves a lot to be desired. Dual mass flywheels are expensive, non-serviceable and less reliable than traditional solid flywheels. They typically have to be replaced every time the clutch gets replaced, making it an expensive option.

Our clutch and flywheel kit replaces the dual mass flywheel with a solid steel, direct feeling flywheel. While we consider this a direct OEM replacement clutch, it offers 35% more clamping power and a more aggressive clutch disc to make it superior to the factory clutch, yet it still maintains a factory-like pedal pressure and noise free operation.

Unlike other conversion kits, our kit outperforms the factory clutch, and all of the associated parts are available separately when the time comes to service the clutch again.

Clutch kit includes:

  • Pressure Plate
  • Clutch Disc
  • Single Mass Flywheel
  • Throw-out Bearing 
  • Alignment Tool
  • Pressure plate hardware
  • Flywheel hardware

Application List:

  • 2007 - 2013 MINI Cooper S models including hatchback, convertible, Clubman, Countryman and Paceman