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MMS Autosport Medium Roast Coffee

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We partnered up with a premium coffee roaster in San Diego to bring you a product to get you going in the morning! Thank you all for your support! More lifestyle products coming soon!

Score: 91
Flavor notes: Dark Chocolate, Molasses, black currant 
Single origin: Guatemala, Ruby Lote

Coffee backstory:

This lot comes from Petrona Morales of El Recuerdo. Petrona Morales produces approximately 150 bags of coffee on seven hectares of land among the steep highlands of Huehuetenango, Guatemala where warm gulf winds collide with cool mountain air to produce a wide variety of microclimates and some of the world’s finest coffee. She has been growing coffee for over 20 years. The cool air in the shadow of mountain peeks elongates the fermentation process compared to warmer climates, but the harvest season is usually dry, so the coffee can be found drying on every flat surface available. Like many of her neighbors who harvest coffee on the steep highlands of Huehuetenango, Petrona speaks Mam, the ancient language of a region.