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MMS Aluminum Shift Knob

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ASKB-0842 MMS Aluminum Shift Knob (Black)

ASKG-0842 MMS Aluminum Shift Knob (Mineral Grey)

MMS Autosport aluminum shift knobs are designed, manufactured and assembled 100% in the USA!!!! Our shift knobs allow for lighter, smoother shifting due to increased height and added weight. The taller shift knob results in shorter distance between steering wheel and shifter, thus allowing you to return both hands to the steering wheel quicker. It also increases leverage, decreasing the effort required to perform the shift. 

We only use the highest quality T6 6061 aluminum machined to perfection, complete with locking set screws and knurling for added grip. While most aftermarket shift knobs rely on the set screws to fix the shift knob to the shifter, we use extremely tight tolerances to provide the locking force required to eliminate movement. The set screws are provided for added insurance. The shift knob is comfortable with both a bare or gloved hand and the knurling ensures a slip free grip.


  • Made 100% in the USA   
  • Lighter shifting due to increased leverage with taller knob
  • Smoother shifting due to added weight
  • Mil Spec Type III anodizing in Black or Mineral Grey   
  • Knurled center section for optimal grip

Application List:

  • 2002 - 2013 MINI Cooper hatchback, convertible and clubman